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I haven’t heard anything this good since the original… fuck yeah

Almost has an Electro Swing vibe to it :D

Thicc bass

The boy's have collabed!

iammodus responds:


Interesting, I do think it could've had some heavier drums. But this is still amazing, the DnB part is fucking nuts!

Nice job, we will watch you career with great interest ;0

Imo sounds like one of my dads old Alternative Rock favorites with a Boom Kitty bass slapped on top...

I do like

Yoo this is pretty sick

The Orchestration is awesome and the drop bass is filthy AF. Overall good job, but there is one problem that takes away that 1 and a half star. After the drop, the songs seems so to get really weird structure wise. Towards the end of the song, I was expecting another massive drop, but it never came. That buildup would've been perfect for a drop to make me blow the fuck away, but it was disappointing. It's also really weird hearing Orchestral Dubstep without Au5 phaser bases to me (That is what I'm used to hearing from my own tracks and other tracks lol).

Also, the snare's need to be heavier. I'm used to using and hearing Teminite-like snares (He uses very heavy snares XD)

Good job, we will watch you career with great interest lol...

HJfod responds:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I love to see it when people make thorough reviews :) I haven't done much orchestral after this one, though there's one track I've been working that has more phased bass in the drops (orchestral without phaser bass is really weird, I know) I'll be sure to take this into account when I get back into OD though :D

Makes Drumstep with a Future Bass snare...

Logic level = 100%

Demonicity responds:

lmao i break rules because im so punk lol

There's your usual 5 Stars...

You are something, ya know that right?

We vibing with phat bass tonight apparently 0_0

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